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2014-01 - 5


This photograph was taken on 4 January 2014 one day after the storm conditions seen in the first three photographs in this series.  The exposed and eroding sea-facing side of Wadhead Scar kame is seen one day after the sea had claimed a further portion of the glacial deposits which had been in situ for around 14000 years.  A careful comparison with the view of Wadhead Scar seen in the second photograph in this series will identify where further collapses have occurred and been lost to the sea.  In the fullness of time the erosion will be so great that it will be necessary to extend the sea wall to protect the agricultural land around and behind the kame.  At the moment the kame, which is a rare geomorphological aftermath of the ice age, is being sacrificed in a role of protector of land from the sea.

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