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2014-01 - 2


Taken on 3 January 2014, this photograph is looking approximately northeast towards Wadhead Scar at Bardsea on the western shore of Morecambe Bay.  Wadhead Scar is the apparent cliff of earth seen on the right of the photograph.  The erroded mound is, in fact, a kame, which is a sub-glacial bedded deposit of various grades of 'sands' and gravels left by the last ice age.  Over the many thousands of years since the ice melted the large deposit has been erroded away by numerous but infrequent occasions when it was pounded by sea conditions such as seen here, which require the combination of a high tide, a nearby area of deep low atmospheric pressure, and accompanying strong winds.  The outcome of the destructive high force of waves breaking onto the shore as seen in this photograph is illustrated in later photos in this series.

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