Taken with a telephoto lens this photograph significantly compresses the 20 km distance to the Heysham power station complex which is seen looking south east across Morecambe Bay from the former entrance lock to Ulverston canal.  The power station uses advanced gas-cooled reactors with a net electrical output capacity of 2380 MW.  2 km from the camera is Chapel Island.  This is an easterly dipping outcrop of limestone of the Urswick Limestone Formation located in the transition zone between the Leven Estuary and Morecambe Bay.  When the sands had to be crossed on foot or by horse between the Cartmel peninsula to the east and the nearby Furness peninsula to the west at Conishead, the island provided a place of safety from the treacherous tides of Morecambe Bay.  It is understood that the Cistercian monks built a chapel on the island in the 14th century but this is no longer standing.

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