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2011-03 - 3


This photograph was taken in December 2006 and illustrates the majestic presence of the sycamores adjacent to the ascending road up Daisy Hill.  There is cartographic evidence of the trees being present and mature in the nineteenth century so the limestone wall, still in sound condition, as it was also in 2011, can be attributed to skilled craftsmen of an even earlier time.  Periodic maintenance is all that is required, together with, in the case of trees, the nurturing of their replacements, in order to secure such assets for the benefit of future generations and by the continuity of a Tree Preservation Order.

You may care to go to Google Street View at coordinates 54 09 44.15 N  3 07 04.75 W as a starting location to see the significance of these trees to the villagescape as well as to further examine the sound quality of the centuries old limestone retaining wall.

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