This photograph was taken to record the end of life but tentative remaining presence of what must have been for very many years a fine specimen tree which graced the landscape viewed from the Low Furness village of Stainton with Adgarley.  When it finally falls to the force of a gale or a chainsaw, its contribution to the rural landscape will soon be forgotten; and history over the last century suggests that the probability of a replacement being planted, even in a different location, is extremely low.  The tree population of Rural Low Furness has declined significantly over that period, notwithstanding that there are many locations where trees could be grown without impacting on modern agricultural practice or productivity pressures.  This is in marked contrast to the adjacent Cartmel peninsula where the influence of the Holker Estate is made apparent by both fine mature specimen trees and, importantly, by young maturing replacements assuring a continuity of high landscape amenity for future generations.  It also proves that it can be achieved without adversely impacting on efficient agriculture.

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