Low Furness is home to many drumlins left by the last Ice Age.  The origin of the material contained in these huge deposits of earth and stone is the southern Lake District, in particular what are now the valleys at the northern end of Coniston Water and the excavated valley leading down from there to the Furness peninsula.  The long axis of the Low Furness drumlins aligns with the north to south direction of travel of the glacier. This month's 'Picture of the Month' looks west from near the summit of one of these drumlins with the road disappearing into the distance passing over a succession of these massive deposits which provide a roller-coaster ride for a motorist and an alternating exertion and exhilaration for cyclists.  This narrow country lane runs from the coast of Morecambe Bay, behind the camera, to the village of Gleaston, itself nestling in a hollow beneath the rising ground of more drumlins..

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