This photograph looks down Market Street in Ulverston on a busy market day.  In 1280 Edward I granted a charter for a market to be held in Ulverston every Thursday.  Throughout living memory this has continued to be the case and one can only presume that this will have extended all the way back to the granting of the royal charter.  Over more recent years the town has established itself as a popular tourist stop-over, especially on days when feature events take place in the town.  World wide fans of the Laurel and Hardy duo of comedy actors from the early days of cinema are also drawn to the town.  Ulverston was the birthplace of Stan Laurel and the town now commemorates that connection with a fine bronze statue of the pair and their dog.  Since its erection, the statue has become the 'must stand next to it' posing place for photos destined for countless holiday albums.  The Laurel and Hardy Museum is located nearby.

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