The background landscape of the Coniston Fells, located at the southern end of the English Lake District, is viewed from the summit of Birkrigg Common on the eastern side of the Furness peninsula.  This striking yet soft setting provides a surrounding of appropriate distinction for a portrait of Holly, an Old English Sheepdog of great beauty, gentle character and empathetic instinct.  Rescued at four years old from a life allegedly dominated by captivity in a coal shed, she became a treasured and greatly loved companion, who in return, and despite the neglect received in early life, gave total loyalty and exceptional love to her new owner who had been the final alternative to the euthanization which she had faced.  May her beauty in this image be an appropriate epitaph in recognition for the love and companionship that she gave, as well as to the very special lady, who not only saved her life, but bequeathed to Holly her own gentleness and warmth.  Holly's life ended peacefully on 15 December 2014 at the age of fourteen.


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