This photograph looks east up Daisy Hill in Great Urswick and set out to capture a moment of beauty with snow on the ground and, as a result of prolonged cold temperatures and still air, each branch of all the trees still holding their accumulation of snow.  The trilogy of magnificent large sycamores on the left add greatly to this beauty, as is also the case when they wear a different dress of full foliage in warmer months.  It was not suspected at the time the photograph was taken that this would be the last occasion when these sycamores, which would have seen very many winter snows during their long life, would display their majestic snow covered presence on Daisy Hill.  Ambitions deemed unworthy for so long were to bequeath on this photograph, taken to rejoice a presence, a premature value in history depicting an Urswick past and lost, an Urswick far richer in landscape and character than any ambition pursued with a chain saw can conceivably match.  The sad end of these trees may be seen in the March 2011 Picture of the Month (Click).  May their presence in images such as this remain as a memorial of gratitude to those of worthy character who planted and nurtured the trees.

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